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How write an expose

Tools you need :

A computer

Microsoft office Word you can buy from here

1. Front page

– personal details: first name, surname, academic degree

– provisional title of dissertation thesis

– subject

– details about supervisor

– if applicable, details about cooperation with other scientists and institutions

2. Abstract of research project

Explain your project in general terms (not more than 15 lines).

3. State of research

Short and precise explanation of the state of research. It must refer directly to your project, and you

must name the most important works by other scientists in your field of research. Recent research

should be explained in such a way as to clearly outline the idea, the context, and new aspects of

your own project.

4. Goals of research project

On the background of the state of research, clearly explain the scientific goals of your research

project and describe the special contribution of your project to general research.

5. Research program

The research programme is the nucleus of the exposé. It informs about structure and shape of your

project, and thus about the expected quality of the dissertation project. Here, detailed information

about the following aspects is expected:

1. state of current preparation and the most important results

2. epistemic interests and theoretical frame

3. instruments applicable to the method

4. meaning of the complex “Global and Area Studies” for your own project and its methodical


6. Schedule

By means of an overview or a table inform about the chronological order of your project and about

how much time you will need for working out each single part of the project.

7. Bibliography

In the bibliography, list the works you referred to in your exposé as well as a choice of further

relevant reading you would like to suggest in your own project.

8. Formal aspects

Your exposé should not exceed 15 pages. It would also be nice to receive it in a reader-friendly layout

(font size pt. 12; line height 1.5; margin; paging).